Monday, September 27, 2010

Our whirlwind!

Just a quick update on the newest member of our family! This weekend we were blessed with a brand new baby girl! We got the call from foster care workers Friday and Saturday evening she was here :) it is an amazing blessing for our family and while we are probably a little crazy (a two year old, an 11 month old and a newborn?!) we couldn’t be more excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to see where this all leads. Either way we are grateful to share our love with a beautiful girl who could use it.

 P.S. I wish I could post pics and more info, but sadly I can't :( foster care rules, have to protect the little angel! Sorry friends. Locals can come visit though!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tonsillectomies and French braids :)

I thought I’d make a quick update (in hopes of avoiding yet another post that is novel length) to let everyone know how things are going. Hopefully with all the travel and craziness behind us I will do a better job of updating regularly, but I make no promises :)!

ANYWAY, Ben got his tonsils out!!! YAY! The doctor told me afterward that the surgery went very well and that Ben’s tonsils were huge and definitely needed out (as if the constant strep throat and tonsillitis weren’t hints to that fact) so we are very grateful we were able to get that taken care of. Hopefully now he won’t be sick constantly.or everor at least for a VERY long time!  His recovery has definitely been a bit of a struggle, but he has been such a trooper! Absolute minimal neediness or complaining, just a lot of sleep (thanks to his pain meds) and some popsicles. I can definitely handle that! I know he has had quite a bit of but of pain but he has actually seemed to turn a bit of a corner today so we are hoping the worst is over! 

Other than that it’s really just small things going on around here.

Hayden has been super entertaining for me lately! She has always been very girly and clothes obsessed, but she has really kicked it up a notch! She is constantly getting into her and Bryar’s clothes (current and grown out of) and puts on as many layers as she can squish into. It’s bad for the laundry but it balances out with how much it makes me laugh!
You can't see it here but she actually has a pair of jeans on under the white fleece pants and has two tank tops under the shirts that are visible (she had 5 shirts on!)
Matching is obviously something we need to work on!!!

Also, I did Hayden’s first French braid! Her hair has been driving me CrAzY lately because it’s getting long but is still super thin “baby hair.” Because of this I really can’t just leave it down (or else it is crazy and NOT cute) so I have decided to embrace this problem and really get into doing her hair cute. 

As for Bryar, she is getting so big! She will be one in a month (I can’t believe it!) so we are really pushing the table food and sippy cup situation because once the 1st birthday hits bottles go bye-bye in this house! This week Bry had her first go at eating spaghetti on her own, and while it was a big disaster she also ate a ton! Of course from looking at Hayden you would think it was HER first time eating spaghettiyikes!

I think that’s about it for now!


Sunday, September 12, 2010


So apparently I have been seriously neglecting my blog! It’s for good reason though, because to say it’s been a crazy few weeks for our family would be such an understatement! Before this Bryar had never even left the state and now she’s been to Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California!  
Our life in a nutshell

It all started in mid(ish) august when, very sadly, my uncle Ben passed away from an aggressive form of cancer that left us all pretty stunned. I can only be grateful that he is now in a better place and that I had the opportunity to go to his funeral.  Unfortunately Ben had school and work and there was no way he could make the trip, so the girls and I hitched a ride with my dad and little brother and drove from Lincoln to San Diego, California.  In case you weren’t sure, that is a LONG drive (made that much longer by a potty trained 2 year old and somewhat ill 10 month old!  Amongst other things that slowed us down) and we drove it straight through! Let’s just say I was VERY grateful when we finally got there.  The service was beautiful and fit my uncle’s style very wellcasual and lighthearted. I am so glad I was able to be there with many family members to celebrate the life of a kind and loving uncle.
While we were there for a pretty sad reason, we were also able to have some good family time.  We got to go to the beach twice, and it was awesome!!!  The first time it was the girls and I, my parents, and my younger brother David. The second trip also included an uncle, two aunts, 6 cousins and my grandma! It was great spending time with them! 

Because my uncle was buried in the family plot in Brigham City, Utah we decided to stop for the service on our way back and take a day break from the trip so it wouldn’t be quite so intense for everyone involved. It was an excellent decision! We were able to see even more family there as well as stay the night at my childhood best friend’s house and do some catching up, plus I was able to meet her fabulous fiancĂ© before we came back the next week for their wedding(told you we did a lot of traveling!)
Anyway, we were excited to be home for a little over a week before we turned around and went back to Utah for the aforementioned wedding! The drive was ok (we discovered on our California trip that while Hayden refuses to watch any tv at home, she WILL pay attention to movies in the car and we exploited that with an insane number of Disney classics!) but we were once again grateful to arrive in Utah!
We were excited to be able to attend our niece Sophie’s baptism while we were there! It was great to be there for one of their family events, as that NEVER happens with the distance between locations.  Then we rushed from the baptism in Springville to the wedding of my oldest friend Caitlin to her fiancĂ© Creighton in the Draper, Utah temple. It was a fantastic sealing (the sealer reminded us of Bob Barker) and we couldn’t be more excited for them! Then we headed back to Springville to spend some more time with Ben’s sister Emily and the rest of the fam, before heading back to Salem for the wedding reception. We were very on the move!!!
The reception was awesome! They had AMAZING food (chef prepared crepes and pasta dishes...YUM!) and the atmosphere was great. Backyard casual and fun but still VERY beautiful!  

THEN (oh yes, there’s more!) we left the next morning and headed back, but made a stop in McCook (we couldn’t just not see our Blomstedt’s!) and had an EXCELLENT extended labor day weekend extravaganza! We went to the Circus (kind of a big deal for me as clowns totally freak me out) and Hayden rode an elephant! She is such a daredevil, she just marched up the steps and climbed on, completely fearless! She also rode a camel with Staci and Jackson, and then we headed in to the actual circus tent. There were some awesome acts, but I have to say one of my faves was the super creepy contortionist who fit into a tiny box! Crazy stuff! 

The next day we headed out on the boat for a fantastic day on the water. Ben and Staci did some waterskiing and then we all went TUBING! Have I ever mentioned that I love tubing?! Because I do. A lot. Like it’s one of my favorite things. In the world. So needless to say I was excited to get out there! First I went with Ben and we had SO much fun, up until the end when we crashed HARD! We flew off in my direction and I’m pretty sure all of Ben’s limbs contacted me in a violent way on our way into the water! I got the wind knocked out of me for a second but after a quick breather I was back and better than ever.  However, while I was taking my break Ben and Jason decided to give it a go and they were doing amazing at withstanding Staci’s attempts to throw them off, all until a big jump resulted in Ben hitting his face on Jason’s fist, giving Ben a bloody nose! Oops! 

We had a few mild runs so the kids could get out on the tube for a bit before we went back to trying to throw people off, and then it was time for me and Staci to take a turn. Jason did his best to throw us, and he came close (a lot of times!) but we ended up just dropping off the back of the tube during a calm moment because we were tired and wanted to avoid a violent landing! The last tube ride of the day was me and Jason and I have to say we pretty much dominated :). Staci is pretty impressive at driving to throw off tubers but we lasted an amazingly long time. Needless to say we had an AWESOME time!  We love spending time with our Blomstedt’s, they are the best!
So THAT, my friends, was our past few weeks. Now can you see why I haven’t updated my blog?! I am making it a goal to update more regularly now though, don’t worry :D.
Oh and sorry for the inundation of collages, but I will be able to use them as scrapbook pages and it takes way less time than uploading 57 million individual pictures!
Oh, and for anyone who might be interested, Ben is getting his TONSILS REMOVED tomorrow morning!!! It’s a good thing because he has had constant tonsillitis and strep throat for months (literally) but it will be a tough procedure (or so “they” say) so any prayers sent our way would be appreciated!

Until next time,