Thursday, February 3, 2011

holy frigid batman...

it is COLD! BAH! For realisies, it can stop anytime... but until then, we are up to our eyeballs in this:
and this

and when we are avoiding that stuff (which we usually are...) then we have some of this:

and even this (she went into her room shoeless and came out like this, haha!)

And then of course a little of this:
Because my girls LOVE to talk on the phone. Sometimes actual talking (Hayden is getting good at having conversations with Ben) and most of the time they are on their play phones, but either way they love to talk, talk, talk!

Anyone else having fun being cooped up in the house because of the snow?!


  1. It is so great for us to finally have a finished basement! I asked Ben once how you are supposed to correctly time going up to the kitchen between commercial breaks. :) He said he sends you to do it. LOL!
    But having more space helps us keep entertained in these cold months!
    CUTE nieces!

  2. Oh what cuties!!! We have been using out hot chocolate maker constantly lately!

  3. Oh Ben...he says a lot of things that don't necessarily reflect reality. Ha! :) I bet having the big downstairs space is great! It would be great to have a designated play room...!

    And thanks Court, it's actually funny you mention it because I thought about your hot chocolate maker last week...and how jealous I was because at that particular cold moment while waiting for my water to heat up in the microwave I desperately wanted one!

  4. Soo cute, i'm sooo ready for the snow to be GONE!!!!