Friday, March 18, 2011

Tidbits and no specific order

-Baby A is going to be 6 months old this week. I can hardly believe it! She is getting SO big! I wish I could post pictures but alas, I cannot. Although I guess you have never seen pictures before either so it's not like you would have anything to compare her current size to. How's this: Just imagine a newborn and then a six month old. See the difference? My point exactly :)

-Bryar only has one month to go before starting nursery!  They really need a junior nursery...ya know, for kids 12-18 months who aren't old enough for real nursery but are so absolutely ridiculous during the church block that it sometimes seems pointless to even bother because all you do is sit out with them in the foyer anyway? (And by "you" I mean Ben, because let's face it, I'm in primary so I only have to be around the craziness for sacrament meeting, and yet somehow that is still just too much!). Am I rambling? All I'm really saying here is kids have a ridiculous amount of energy. And Bryar starts nursery next month. Thank heavens.

-Hayden constantly makes me laugh. She definitely has some serious "I'm 2 1/2 so I'm going to be as sassy as possible" moments, but overall she is an awesome little girl. She carries her dolls everywhere, swaddles them, sings them songs, rocks them and then lays them in her bed and closes the door. Then she comes out and informs everyone that they need to stay out (and quiet) because her babies are sleeping.

-I love that I KNOW Hayden is learning in nursery! A few weeks ago Hayden was sitting at the table eating lunch and started saying "Baptize, baptize, baptize" in a sing songy type of voice. Intrigued, I asked her if she was going to get baptized, and she promptly replied (in a valley girl sassy-pants type voice) " Tursery...and my hair is gunna get wet like Jesus!" She completely made my day! I love that she calls it tursery and i love love love that she is remembering little tidbits of nursery lessons!!!

-Hayden is learning her full name and is constantly pretending to talk on the phone, so now whenever she gets on she says "Hello, this is Hayden Olivia Ashby" and I think it's adorable. I'm trying to teach her the breakdown of first/middle/last but for now I think it's sweet that she is "Hayden Olivia Ashby" and not just Hayden. Oh, and she actually says Hayden, with a d, which used to always be little girl is growing up! (And she tells me so all the time..."i'm growing up mom..." and "I'm all growed up" are frequently heard from her.)

-I know it's a silly way to describe it, but Bryar is the new Hayden. Seriously...seems like everything going on with Hayden when I started this blog are now things Bryar is starting to do. Her biggest thing right now is dressing up. She frequently puts on dress up clothes, gets one of my purses from my closet and heads for the door, all while waving and saying "bye." Luckily for us she can't actually open the front door so mostly it's just a funny process to watch.


  1. Holy moly, that picture on your header of Hayden looks just like you. A little mini Heather.

    I completely agree with the jr nursery idea. It is a bit ridiculous right now. Thank goodness for husbands!


  2. It is crazy how fast they grow and change. I love that our kids are around the same age and are going through some of the same age things...we can relate! Hayden looks so grown up in your header btw.

  3. @Alissa- She really is the mini me...she looks just like pictures of me as a little kid! And yes, thank goodness for husbands. One hour is enough for me with that naughty bumpkin!

    @Staci- It really is! And I love it too! Oh and I know, it kind of makes me sad. I LOVE the picture, but i don't like how grown up she is's crazy to me how fast it goes!

  4. A-freaking-men to junior nursery. It's seriously exhausting. Did you know we're moving in like 5 weeks? Let's get the kids together. Oh and us too

  5. Jana...that makes me sad! We really have to get together!