Monday, May 2, 2011

A little girl and her princess stroller

Less than 2 weeks after we got a bag and officially started keeping track of her money, Hayden reached her goal! Let's just say she is VERY motivated! That and we have some generous friends and family who helped her out :) carrying things, dusting, and cookie delivery were all able to earn her anywhere from a little spare change to a couple bucks and she was very grateful for it!
We even went ahead and got her a little piggy bank to keep all her money in. We figured if she was really going to be saving then she should have a good place to keep her money! I can't believe how attached she became to it...she was constantly carrying it around and once I even caught her talking to it. "I love you Piggy, you're my friend!" Then she hugged and kissed it! I was seriously cracking up, it was just too adorable!

It took us a few days to actually get her to Walmart to get her stroller, but on the day we went she was SUPER excited! Unfortunately the trip was a slight comedy of errors...starting with me leaving the camera sitting on the couch :( We got a few snapshots with our cellphones, but haven't uploaded them yet. Anyway, upon getting to her princess stroller (it was the last one at the store!) she was really happy and of course she wanted to hold on to it but didn't want to relinquish her piggy bank, which ended in a tragic plunge that caused poor little piggy's demise. It was extremely heartbreaking! Hayden's eyes welled up with tears and she said "it was just an accident" as Ben and I scrambled to figure out how to collect the money that had spilled all over the place. Poor girl, she loved Piggy!!! Anyway, Ben ran and got a little Ziplock container and we scooped all her money up. Luckily Piggy split into 3 large pieces and only a couple extra little pieces so clean up was relatively easy, but I was still really sad for Hayden! Thankfully the purchasing of the stroller was exciting enough to keep her distracted. The cashier rung it up and Hayden took all her "green dollars" out first and handed those over. Then came the longer process of counting out change, which is where I mostly took over while Hayden checked out her new wheels ;) In the end she paid only about a dollar in anything but quarters and actually had probably $3-$4 left over! She couldn't have been happier to be leaving the store with her stroller AND some "monies"!

  She LoVeS her princess stroller and she wants to play with it constantly! And even if it does drive me crazy that it's so big in our teensy house, I'm so stinkin proud of her that she was able to stay dedicated to that stroller, earn the money and buy it! That is pretty impressive for a 2 1/2 year old!

Now the real question is, what will she save for next?!


  1. Very cute! Such a determined girl!


  2. That is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

  3. Sorry to hear about Piggy, but Hayden looks like a proud princess stroller owner!

  4. Ah! So sad for the piggy bank but so happy that she got the last stroller!

  5. Have you ever taken your girls to the bank where they have that machine that you throw the monies into? It makes purchasing the item cooler and a little lighter to have your money in bills. My girls think that it is the coolest thing in the world.

  6. I love reading your parenting stories! It makes me excited to someday have priceless moments like this!

  7. Disneyland is an excellent idea! I totally think we should work on that...

    And yes, the loss of piggy was pretty traumatic for both of us. A lesson for next time I suppose.

    Steph, I was thinking we could do that at the one they have at Walmart but they charge a % of the money to change it out. I didn't know about the bank ones they charge for it?

    And Caitlin, I'm glad! I can't wait to read your fun stories some day :) Little girls are fabulous!