Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One big weekend :)

***Blog post #2...I think I have a good thing going here!***
-Kenneling the big dogs for the weekend: $50
-Hiring the little brother as the little dog sitter: $10
-2 Tanks of gas: $135
-2 days with some of our very favorite people?! PRICELESS :)

This weekend we drove to McCook, NE (don't feel bad if you don't know where it is...if they didn't live there i wouldn't know either!) to see some of our FaVoRiTe people in the WHOLE world, the Blomstedts (of the Jason and Staci variety) so we could see the new baby and just spend some time with our friends.  Of course I have already arranged the marriage of their 2 boys to our 2 girls, so we figure it would be good to have them see each other every once in a while. (We'll see how that works out for me!!!)

Anyway, why they abandoned us for that town that doesn't even have a target (*shudder!*) I will never know, but they did, so now we have a stupid 3 1/2 hour stretch of ugly black pavement between us. Sad :( ...BUT the important thing here is that this weekend we made the trek and we are SO glad we did! The trip was short but definitely worth it. Our kids are so cute together and here are the pictures to prove it:
Aww...look at them on the horsey together! (cough, cough MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, cough)

And then there are the baby babies...already peaceful together. Now I know Bryar may look a bit big for him, but a 4 1/2 month gap only matters when you're a 5 month old and a 3 week old...give them some time, people...they'll even out!

Swing, swing!!!

Prepping to take on this HUGE slide ;) On your mark...get set...

GO!!! HAHAHAHA this one is by far my favorite! Perhaps Hayden jumped the gun a bit but I have to give a shout out to Staci's excellent photography skills on this one...just look at that face! And that hair! A classic for sure.

And that, in a pictoral nutshell, was our fabulous trip to McCook. Thanks friends, we had a blast and we miss you already!

+++HOWEVER,don't stop reading now because there is more to be discovered here: In other exciting family news...we got our first foster child today!!! (Hopefully I didn't bury the lead to bad on this one). It all happened so fast that it has been an insane whirlwind! It started with a phone call at about 1pm this afternoon and then boom, at 7:10pm (10 minutes after arriving home from McCook!!!) a 10 month old baby boy was dropped off at our house! And yes, for anyone who didn't catch the significance of the baby's age, that DOES now mean we have a 5 month old, a 10 month old, and a 19 month old. YIKES! We never denied that we're crazy :D but man are we excited!!! It's all very new but he seems like a total sweetheart and he has been sleeping soundly since 8pm (KNOCK ON WOOD) which really only leads to one conclusion:

I now have 3 children under the age of 2 and they have all been asleep for (at the very least) 4 hours, which makes me an IDIOT for still being awake.  Goodnight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You are adorable! I loved the shout-out on facebook. :)

  2. Hayden on the slide is AWESOME! Love this post. Good luck with the baby. Wait, did you mention his name?

  3. His name is Damien (sp?) and that's all we really know!

  4. I take it your childhood made a good impression on you then. Your parents cared for foster children too, right? That is so bold of you guys! I would never be able to do that. Im happy for you.

  5. I wasn't expecting another post for a least another two weeks... you truly are amazing! So glad you had a wonderful trip!

  6. I hope you guys are doing well with three little ones! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I totally appreciate the information! I didn't know you had a blog...I'm glad you found mine, now I can stalk you! I'm so excited!