Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring has sprung :)

Post #3...pretty soon I won't even need to put a number because I will have sooooo many posts that I won't be impressed with myself anymore :) ANYWAY...

Wow, is it beautiful outside or WHAT?!? Ben, Hayden and I are loving it SOOO much.  Unfortunately Bryar and that great shiny orb of warmth seem to have a much more fickle relationship and apparently need more time to bond.

(But maybe no more would seem she has hit her limit!)

We have so many things to update on!  First off we hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! We definitely did...

The Easter bunny came and left eggs for Hayden on the front lawn and she had a blast picking them up...she honestly gasped excitedly at almost every single one! It was super cute to watch :)

I got a bike (pink, of course :D) and we got a bike trailer! We have already gone on a couple family bike rides and are loving it so much!

My "little" brother Cornell FINALLY had a track meet in Lincoln, YAY! Ben was working (aww, sad!) so I took the girls and headed to the UNL track to watch him, but you know how track meets are...he was running three events and there was 3 hours between the first and the second! SO...we watched the first (He did good!) then headed home for a snooze until the second.  However, while driving back to campus to watch his last two events I got a call from Ben (weird since it was 4:45 and he was supposed to work until 5) and heard the 4 most traumatizing words EVER..."I'm in the E.R.">>>(Insert major panicking here!!!). Luckily (if you can call it that) I was in the perfect location when he called and was able to get there QUICK! Anyway, long story short Ben works at a group home for teen boys with behavior issues and one of those boys decided to sucker punch him in the side of the head/neck area leading to Ben's first ambulance ride! He was pretty shook up but thankfully (after a ct scan) they determined that all seemed fine and he just had a contusion (aka bruise) from a "traumatic blow to the head." Still scary, but we are very grateful that this was the outcome because it could have been SO much worse!  So my point is...sorry I missed your races Cornell!!! Blame Ben. Or that stupid kid who somehow thought that punching a staff in the head would get him what he wanted. (Let me tell you how well THAT worked out for him...) Either way it wasn't my fault I missed it! Oh, and for those who want to see a super awkward looking picture of Ben in the hospital with his neck brace on, never fear...he took one. And then promptly posted in on Facebook.
And for those who might have been wondering what the view was for him during the time he was stuck in the brace, don't you fret, he obliged and took a picture of that too...
It is times like these that I wonder if the invention of the camera phone was really a beneficial thing for society :) (if you know me you know I'm totally joking...I use the camera on my phone constantly!)
And finally, to round off our last couple weeks my 16 year old sister Jasmine stayed with us for a day.  We thought it would just be a nice time for her to come hang out with her nieces and for us to spend some quality time with her.  It ended up being a lot of fun! And for those who think that I am the pickiest eater they know, the throne has actually been abdicated.  I mean who doesn't like chicken?! Really??? Other than that things went smoothly though :) We actually went to the park today and flew kites (we bought them two years ago and hadn't opened them yet...poor, sad neglected kites!) and it was a blast.
Ok I know I already said "and finally, to cap off" blah blah blah, but I wanted to throw in some pictures from sunglasses shopping (for Hayden) with "Auntie" Jenna! Here is Hayden in some bug-eye glasses, and the the stunner shades we bought for her:
And a couple little photoshopped pics just to spice it up a bit...

And that, my friends, is what I like to call a REALLY long post with a LOT of pictures :)


  1. Very cute! Hope Ben is doing well now! Crazy~

  2. love the post and all the pictures. We are sooo glad that Ben is alright and were wondering why you didn't call your non-local Dr. about that one!!! J/K, we are just glad that you posted it for us:)

  3. haha well if he could have done anything from McCook we would have but that's a little far away in an emergency situation!...but Ben wanted to give you a nice visual of what you would've seen had you been here! Besides, I think we abuse our friend doctor privileges enough as it is :)