Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Fireworks setting on my camera = super fun! I took these pictures using a sparkler and I can’t believe how excited I was about them! Haha I’m a nerd, but seriously…pretty cool, right?

So I have been really working on my domesticity these days (I can actually see the jaws dropping through my screen…) and my recent projects have been of the sewing variety. I don’t have any patterns so I have mostly adapted my ideas from craft blogs, but a few of them have just been things I made up as I went….ya know, creative juices and what not ;).  Anyway, here’s what I’ve done so far:
This was a shirt I just made up/created as I went and I think it turned out really well! (and I know Hayden isn't wearing pants but this IS a shirt, don't worry :D)

a little mommy/daughter matching!

 The other "creative juices" outfit...I just went with it as I sewed. The straps are braided, which you obviously can't see. Anyway, I'm really happy with it!

And then a few embroidered onesies with matching burp cloths. These ideas were adapted from craft blogs and I wanted to give them a shot. It is AMAZING how quickly you forget just how tiny newborn onesies are!!! It was crazy just trying to stretch them enough to sew the stuff on the front and not attach the back as well! (Although part of the problem is that i am a huge amateur!) 

Anyway, I am really enjoying this whole sewing thing! It's fun creating new things and seeing the girls wear things I've made them! 


  1. Wow Heather, you have done such a great job on their cute little outfits! And I also would have gotten very excited about the fireworks setting... very cool!

  2. Where is Ben's pink polkadot shirt?

  3. thanks Courtney! And haha Jesse, Ben actually joked that I should make him a matching tie but I just didn't think it would work out too well :)

  4. You are AMAZING! No patterns!!! that is very impressive. I am soooo excited you are coming this weekend.

  5. Ben doesn't need a polka dot shirt but he does need a tie. How cool is that talent?! I'm sure you feel very proud.