Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A few of our favorite people

Have I ever mentioned that I love Target? Because I doa lot.  SO much so that my ONE criterion for moving is that I wont live somewhere that doesnt have one.  But then I have weekends like this past one and think maybe I could live in a small town without a Target if it meant being near some of our best friends in the world.  The jury is definitely still out on actually moving to McCook, but Im glad we at least get to visit every now and then so we can see Staci and Jason (and Jackson and Axel)!!!

This visit we were actually able to visit Friday-Monday, which gave us an extra day to play compared to normal and that was really nice! Somehow that ONE day really seemed to help us feel more like we were on a mini vacay and less like we had to cram things in before we turned around and drove home.

***Warning...a million pictures are coming...:)***

One of the great things about seeing the Blomstedts is that we had our bowling buddies back! We havent been bowling in what seems like forever (because we lost our bowling buddies) and we couldnt have been more excited to go. PLUS it was Haydens FIRST time bowling. She and Jackson had their lane (with a bumper) and then me and Ben and Staci and Jason had our lane. Now heres the lowdown on the bowling situation with us: Staci wins most of the time. Jason and I have a rivalry that ends up pretty even in the win/loss column (though we both pretend we win more often than we do).  Ben is the wild never know where he is going to end up.  If you take a look at the scores below you'll see that we pretty much stayed on track with that. It was pretty hectic between helping the kids bowl, feeding the younger babies, bathroom trips and our bowling game, but it was still a lot of fun!
P.s. usually our scores are higher than this, but its a girls win all around so Im ok with it!

Haydens first time ever bowling and she got a strike! 

Ben helping Hayden

Staci looking all professional like :)

Grossest thing ever! Staci went to use a ball and there was a bunch of ketchup in the thumb hole!
(although I think that ball is like 13 pounds!)

Cute bowling buddies!

Just hanging out :)

Question: What does the number 2 mean to you? Maybe its your kids age (Hayden WILL be 2 in a few weeks) or the number of years youve been married (I have been married for 2 years until Sep. 1st rolls around) but to ME the number has been a little more of a taunting number. As in, it has made me slightly bitter, because 2 represents the number of summers in a row I have been pregnant and rendered unable to tube. Obviously I have been slightly traumatized by this fact Not that I dont love my girls, because I do, its just that being pregnant 2 summers in a row was pretty rough for me.  But not this summer! THIS summer I am pregnancy free and I was NOT going to miss out on some serious summer fun! SO out on the boat we went, and it was a blast!

Bryars first time boating!

The view I had of Jason ;) cute huh?!
Adorable daddy/daughter moment!

Axel and Bryar

Ben skiing!

Staci slalomingif thats even a word

Me! However this is the only pic you will see of me trying to ski, because I never actually succeededOh well, maybe next time!

Cooling off!

Me and Hayden just relaxingalthough I think we were actually like that because I had issues NOT floating with that ridiculously powerful life jacket on!
Hayden driving while Jackson is on flag dutyman they grow up quick ;)

I think Breezy was just grateful to get the life jacket off for a while!

Haha Hayden looks so evil-eyed here! In actuality she just was refusing to smile for the cameraah the terrible twos

Haydens first tube ride!!! (and YES, I was terrified the WHOLE time)
Cute sister moment on the beach :)

Another Im not going to smile moment!

Hahaa little awkward!

And then my favorite picture of the tripI took the liberty of pointing out Ben, just in case you missed him :D

Other than that we just spent some good quality time with our friends, which would have been worth the trip by itself. I was heartbroken when we had to leave! Its ok though, you can bet well be back soon :) We love our  Blomstedts!

And last but not least, heres just a few cute shots of the kids throughout our visit:

Bryar, red eyed from a day of boating!


Playing ring around the rosy!

THE END!!! I told you there were going to be a million pictures! At least I warned you, right?!



  1. Love it;) You are welcome back anytime becuase that means we get to have fun too!

  2. I think I comment every time (and say that every time), but I loved those pictures and stories. I'm so glad it felt like a mini vacay for you. That is always good.
    I'm so sorry we missed you in Lincoln. I suppose it was for the best though. Gees, I want to see you all though!
    Have fun getting back into the real world after a break. :)

  3. careful what you wish for ;) haha love you! And Maggie, I'm glad you liked it! It was an awesome trip! And yeah, bummer about missing us while you were here! Hayden and Ben's bday is on a saturday this year and we are gunna have a cream sundae bash to be exact...that afternoon. Still working on details but I hope you guys can come!

  4. Love,Love,Love the picture of Ben and the girls facing their backs to you, while sitting int he lake!!! So Adorable! Looks like you guuys had a blast! Oh and one more thing... you girls are so stinkin cute

  5. Fantastic trip. All of the children are absolutely adorable. This makes me happy. Tell Staci and Jason Hi for me next time, yeah?