Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Being 1 is just s’more fun…and so are family pictures ;)

 SO…delayed (as usual) but better late than never: Bryar had her 1st birthday and we celebrated with a fun little party! We decided on a s’mores theme since it’s fall and that seemed like a fun activity. Of course on the day of her party it was about 70 degrees out, which doesn’t really lend itself to sitting around a firepit, but hey, who can complain about nice weather in November!? Not this girl! So we just went with it and it turned out really fun! We had an assortment of s’more making options (classic, mini, berries and cream, pb cup, and mint) and all in all it was delicious. Peanut butter cup seemed to be the most popular of the non-traditional options, but I wouldn’t know because by the time I went to make myself one the whole bag of Reese’s were gone! Bryar seemed to have a blast and got nice and messy with her melty chocolate and gooey marshmallow, just the way it should be (plus I got Grandma Ashby to clean her up which was a fantastic bonus!)

Our friends Dan and Courtney

The super cute mini S'mores...which I did in fact roast...bite size and delicious!

Grandma Ashby and Hayden

            Also, we got our family pictures done! A guy in our ward did them for us and we were really happy with them. The girls weren’t the most cooperative subjects (at least not at the same time…of course!) but there are still some awesome shots. We did some with baby girl and some without, that way I would have some to post! Here’s just a few of them:
The girls don't look too enthused but the concept was good!

Gorgeous Bryar Mckinley

My beautiful little "big girl" Hayden

HAHAHAHA look at Bryar's face...priceless!

Sweet sisters

Walking together

AWW :)

Sweet kisses

Me and Ben ;)


  1. Awe Heather, I love this! Fantastic photographer. I am so sad about the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. There is something VERY wrong about the hostess not getting any!

  2. Oh, my gosh! These pictures are wonderful! You have beautiful girls. I love Hayden's cake shirt too.

  3. Your girls look soooo much alike! Also, when I started reading about s'mores I thought maybe you'd made a s'mores cake. Have you seen those around the blogging world! Lastly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last picture of you and Ben!!

  4. That was a fun birthday party and Dan and I got our very own picture... now we feel pretty special!! Great family pictures! Now we just need to them them developed and hanging in your house, that seems to be the difficult part! JK!

  5. Thanks all :) Mags, I was sad about the pb cups but I ate a LOT of other kinds so its ok. Caitlin...I was GOING to make a s'mores cake but kind of just ran out of time and I figured just smores would be ok lol! And haha Court, SOMEDAY I will finish that project and get pics up...some day.