Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween (a slightly belated post...)

We had a lot of fun this Halloween! We had first, second and third Halloweens amongst our kids and there was some definite craziness trying to keep all the pieces and parts of costumes on long enough for pictures, but it WAS fun. We started a few days before Halloween with our 3rd annual pumpkin carving and caramel apple extravaganza with our friends Katie and Mark Barrera (and baby Cohen!) and our other friend Jenna. It was fantastic and we had lots of awesome pumpkins in the end (plus, who doesn’t love a caramel apple?! YUM!)

We made a quick round at our building’s trunk or treat and for some reason didn’t think to get the stroller out for Bryar and baby girl.bad decision! Ben and my arms were dying! Hayden had fun collecting candy though! Then we ran to the stake center and saw my family at their chili feed and then headed home. The surprise of the night was that Hayden threw a really big fit when we tried to put her to bed because she wanted her candy! I definitely turned into “that mom” because I told her I was going to throw it away and she wouldn’t get any if she didn’t cut it out! Luckily she got over it because there was obviously no way I was going to give her any candy after that! 2 years old and already candy obsessedshe really is a mini-me! Scary!

On Sunday our friends Courtney and Dan come over to see the girls in their costumes and we had lots of fun. They brought 2 hilarious wigs that ended up being very entertaining (see the pictures!) and it was fun getting the girls all dressed up again J They looked so cute in their costumes! Then we went “trick or treating”but only over to the Barrera’s so we could see Cohen in his costume! Then they came over and played games and relaxed. All in all an excellent Halloween! (Of course we won't be posting any pictures of baby girl but rest assured she looked adorable...she was a bee!)


  1. Sounds like sooo much fun. And those were some really good pumpkins! You guys are pros!

  2. Cute! Your girls are getting so big. I am behind on kids haha. Also, I can't believe Mark is a dad! It is so fun to see everyone growing up! Do they have a blog?

  3. Your kids looked adorable in their costumes!! I just looked at your previous post. You and Ben are AMAZING for what you are doing with your family! Seriously, A-MAZING. People really shouldn't judge-just because they couldn't do it doesn't mean you can't. You've got the skills, patience and love so you just keeping bringing those kiddos into your family gosh darn it! :)

  4. Thanks Staci...3 years practice and pre-printed patterns would make anyone look good ;) but we always have a blast with it!

    Brianna, I know they are growing so fast! I'm sure you'll catch up...i have to stop at some point, right?! :) And yes, Mark is a daddy! Cohen is the cutest little boy! Very sweet. They don't have a blog (yet) but i will continue trying!

    And Alissa, your comment cracked me up! We appreciate the's nice to have people in your corner when most people we don't know look at us like we're freaks! I'm definitely ready to just enjoy the 3 we have for a while (no additions for a few years!) but it has been a lot of fun. I can't believe we've already had baby girl for 6 weeks now...time flies!

  5. oh my goodness!!!!!!!!
    such darling girlies :)
    hope you are doing well and surviving! We really need to catch up! come by sometime!!!!

  6. Thanks Ashley! I am surviving...slightly exhausted, but doing alright! We haven't hung out in ages...need to do something about that! Hayden misses "Paisey" :)