Friday, May 28, 2010

Life goes on...

I think I'm getting the hang of this blogging thing...I just post every few weeks and between posts I take lots of pictures so that when I decide to post again I have some visual reminders of what we did! This time our big event was: Henry Doorly Zoo! I LOVE going to the zoo (I could watch the penguins all day long) and Ben is a big fan too, so this year we decided to get a season pass. We have to go 3 more times before next March to get our money's worth, and I definitely think we can handle that. This trip was an Ashby extravaganza! It was Ben and I, Hayden and Bryar, Scott and Rebekah and their 2 kids, Andrew and his girlfriend, and Denise and Seth.  Our friend Courtney came too...she isn't an Ashby but we let her come along anyway :D We had a great time and it was a beautiful day to go to the zoo! (Even if there were about a million elementary and preschool kid groups there with their ridiculously bright neon t-shirts). 
The zoo map was Bryar's favorite thing about the trip...just look at the evil eye she is giving me when she thinks I am going to take it from her! :)
 The other exciting thing about these past few weeks?...Hayden is potty training! This has been a LOOOOOONG time in the making (she has been going on the potty inconsistently for over 6 months!!!) but we finally decided to buckle down and get her fully transitioned to her "Princess underwear." She is currently obsessed with Disney princesses so this has been a big motivator for her :)  Anyway, just ask her about her princess underwear and she will have no issues with showing them to you (regardless of how many clothing layers have to be removed to get to them) because she looooves them! She has been doing pretty well (except when you come over, Courtney Felix...I don't know what that's about but she really likes to have accidents when you're around!) and stays dry through naps and even a lot of nights. Keep your fingers crossed for this to be a quick process!...I'd definitely appreciate it :) Oh, and if you're looking for a fabulous potty training book, I found one at Barnes and Noble entitled "Princess Potty" that I think is hilarious and perfect for any little girls that loves pink and sparkles. (An exerpt? "Hear ye, Hear ye I need to pee pee..." Poetic isn't it?!) It even comes with a tiara for them to wear while on the potty and jewel stickers to put on the tiara each time they go on the potty! It never ceases to amaze me how strange the things I love are now...I mean a potty book, really?! But hey, whatever keeps you enthusiastic right? Gotta love being a mommy!!!
To wrap it up I wanted to post a series of pictures that make me laugh EVERY time I see them (literally).  My crazy girls have a lot of personality! 

I was so excited to catch this sweet moment :)

And then it got a little awkward...
I tried to get them refocused on the picture taking, which obviously wasn't working...
THIS is the one that kills me...Hayden decides to cooperate and then look at Bryar's face! I have NO idea what she is trying to tell me here, but she looks hilarious!
Hayden officially gives up and starts to push on Bryar's back and WOW, does Bryar NOT appreciate that...probably the funniest angry look I have ever seen...especially from a baby!
Then Bryar realizes Hayden really has given up and decides to take advantage of this opportunity for a solo shot! What a sweet little smile :D


  1. I wish Jackson felt the same about his underwear. He just doesn't mind peeing on Buzz! Love the pictures.

  2. That's super funny because a few days ago Hayden had an accident at my mom's house so I was talking to her about how it makes the princesses sad when she pees on them! (My mom couldn't contain her laughter...i glared at her!)

  3. I love that zoo! We have season passes to the san diego zoo and wild animal park. I get annoyed every time we go and there are busloads of elementary kids. What ever happened to learning in school? California has no money but sends hundreds of kids to the zoo every day?

    Sorry about that tangent:)

    Anyway, your daughters are really stinkin cute. I love to see pics of them interacting!

  4. Thank you so much for letting me coming on the Ashby Zoo trip, it was tons of fun! I am surprised you haven't ban me from visiting your house anymore since Hayden seems to have accidents when I am there... it is so crazy, maybe I make her nervous. Love the Princess Potty book, was definitely laughing out loud!