Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some good times...:D

SO...it's been a few weeks since my last blog post, but I am now ready to post blog number 4! Yay me (I am feeling VERY accomplished right now!...blogging is good for my self esteem!) Anyway, here's the run down of the past few weeks: A Wisdom tooth-ectomy~The passing of a family member~Got our family pictures back~Hayden's first pony tail~Lots of time spent outside~a trip to Kearney~ and a MARATHON! It sounds like so much happened when I pack it in a nice little package like that...

So: Wisdom Tooth-ectomy...I ended up only having to get one removed, and it was pretty easy-peasy! A little local anesthetic and enough yanking to think my jaw might crack and bing, bang, boom...out popped a wisdom tooth (which, in case you were wondering, was WAY bigger than I thought it would be!!!) I had no bruising or swelling and very little pain...I took an Aleve that day and that was it. My jaw was stiff for a bit but I had no major pain to speak of. Yes, I know I was VERY lucky.  People told me SO many horror stories before hand that I was VERY scared!

Our little family member: I am very sad to say that our small puppy Peaches passed away a few weeks ago. It was the worst experience our family has had to endure as of yet. She had blood sugar issues that she ultimately was not able to overcome.  We loved her very much and Hayden misses her puppy SO much. I don't know if that is something to be glad about, but I really am glad that she is young enough to not be as tortured by the trauma of losing a pet. Ben and I have had a hard time with it, but I think time is the ultimate healer in situations like this.

Family Pictures: We got our pictures taken in the end of February and we got them back a few weeks ago!  We absolutely love them and think our photographer did a great job!

Hayden's first ponytail: Well, that's pretty self explanatory but it was VERY exciting for us when her hair hit the length that I am FINALLY able to pull it back!!!

Lots of outside time: Another self explanatory one I guess...but we LOVE having a park basically right next door :D It has been REALLY great! Hayden loves the swing so much and she is also a huge daredevil. She climbs right up the steep steps to the tall slide and slides down, which is always funny because she flies so fast and sometimes goes right off the end and plops on the ground. Bryar likes to swing but that's about as much as she can do at the park. Luckily she loves to watch people so she is content to hang out and watch the madness swirl around her!

A trip to Kearney: We went and saw Cornell run! Ben couldn't come because he was working, but my Dad, David and the girls and I all drove together. Cornell did awesome and it was a lot of fun to be able to see him! He got a personal record on the 400 and we were able to take him out to eat afterwards and spend a little time together. Hayden loves seeing her uncle, even if it's only for a few hours!

And last but CERTAINLY not least...Ben ran his first MARATHON! Yes a marathon, a FULL marathon, as in 26.2 miles of running! I am SO proud of him for accomplishing such a HUGE goal!!! My dad and mom and David and the girls and I all saw him off at the start, then made a bunch of stops along the way to cheer him on in his awesomeness :) We held signs, helped with shoe changes and got him anything he needed (oranges, water, vaseline...the marathon basics) as he ran...and ran...and RAN!

And one last thing to finish off this post: I bought a new pair of high heels today (I LOVE high heels even if I don't wear them all that often) and princess Hayden apparently loves them as much as I do because as soon as she saw them she would NOT leave them alone! She put them on and even walked around in them! VERY impressive if you ask me!!!

WHEW! If you made it through this whole thing then THANKS, I appreciate your dedication :) This has been a long one and makes me feel like we did do a lot these past few weeks!!!

Bye friends!


  1. Bah to high heels. Everything else is great.

  2. Zeke loves my heels too. :) Great post.

  3. Love it! So nice to read what you are up to. Maybe your next trip out west can be to see us!!

  4. Love that Hayden goes down the tall slide... great picture of that! Congrats Ben, that is so awesome that you ran a marathon... very impressive! Love the high heels Heather, so cute!

  5. Your girls have grown up so much since we've last seen them! Way to go to Ben--that's amazing. Love how you post lots of pictures

  6. WoW! What a post! That is so awesome Ben ran 26.2 miles...heck I think thats a long way to drive let alone run! Good job to him! And cute heels!

    Got your blogged marked now! I'll be a frequent vistor! (I'm a total blog surfer). Cute background!